Monday, December 19, 2011

player_1: Jamestown Charge Ship Dress Shirt

The latest in our player_1 collection was released over the weekend, featuring Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony.

Again, another personal favourite of mine, I spent days on the Martian frontier shooting at pixelated space aliens and attempting to keep from throwing my controller across the room from sheer frustration ;) I think at one point we placed #83 on the leaderboards going through the Gauntlet on Divine. I also found myself humming bits of the soundtrack while I did the dishes and similarly inane daily tasks. It all shortly turned into a well of inspiration, and soon I found myself on the phone with the guys at Final Form Games talking about shirts and junk.

The art used for the shirt is straight from the ship and weapon options screen, for the Charge Ball ship.

You can get the shirt here, priced at $35.

Coincidentally, Jamestown was just released in this year's Humble Indie Bundle, please check it out and donate what you can.

And Happy Holidays internet-land!


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