Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I am unable to divulge the contents of my latest project as I have signed a confidentiality agreement that prohibits me from releasing any and all information regarding it. As such I will proceed in exclaiming that my current clients are partially annoying in the sense that they have ordered 30 pieces of the aforementioned product and were unable to provide the full amount of materials needed to produce sed amount. In addition, Partner A continues to communicate to me through my cellular phone regarding the time and speed at which I continue to complete these products -- even though it is completely within their liability as to how fast I am able to complete the project due to their lack of organization. Please accept this statement as a formal complaint in conjunction of Project TOP SECRET.

Whew! I found myself an assistant willing to work in exchange for sewing lessons. YAY. Who would've thought how flaky people are with their own statements? There have been three previous clients, who were completely ecstatic and satisfied with my work, that flaked on using my services again. Then another girl who has been stringing me along for a month and a half!! She keeps saying "we'll get together next weekend" 5 weekends in a row! OMT (oh my tetragrammaton)!

Enough of my bitching, I love all my clients.. I really think all of them are individually creative and insightful people. AND they're all doing what I wish to expand to in the future... being in control of all the design work and having a team of seamstresses working under me! WOO HOO. I just hope this sewing assistance thing works out *crossing fingers*...

Curatins for Mom

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Slipping out of the covers...

Finally got "after" pictures from Crystal....



The outlook for my new year is looking very good. I just got a new client that wants me to make swim wear samples. Yay.

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