Wednesday, December 03, 2008

New Stuff

I haven't been able to update recently =( Super busy with orders, yay, here's stuff I did a couple months ago:

Covered canvases and pillows for John Scott

T-Shirt Reconstruction for Ji
More pictures by Charlie Chu

Anea Crib
Baby Crib Bumper for Anea

Anea Bassinet 2
Bassinet Liner

Anea Curtains
Also made matching curtains from this silk sheer, was supposed to get pictures of them installed from the client... but she never got around to it.

Swags for Shana

Currently working on:
Custom men's jackets - Redline 99
Purse organizers - Tote All Bag
Cushions, umbrella cover - thomas-somero design
Crib Set - Jamie
Garment Samples - Candace

Just finished Princess Buttercup's wedding dress from The Princess Bride for a client. Will post pictures once I've got them. Watch out for some Original Sin at my etsy in the next week.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Reconstructing Ashley

Shirt reconstruction for Ashley. All the finished items were once t-shirts. With the help of free printable patterns @ I transformed her over sized tees to fun fashionable wears!

Ashley in Dilla Black
Ashley in "Dilla Black"

Dilla Black Before Dilla Black Before 2

Ashley in Dilla Black 2

Ashley in Dilla Black 3

Dilla White
Ashley in "Dilla White"

Dilla White Before

Dilla White 2

Stussy Grafitti Purse & White Dilla
"Dilla White" and "Stussy Graffiti Purse"

Stussy Grafitti Shirt Before

Stussy Grafitti Shirt Before 2
Graffiti Shirt Before

Stussy Grafitti Purse 2

Stussy Grafitti Purse 3

Just finished huge order for Image Solutions, button holes and button placement for chef coats. That wasn't as fun as some of my other stuff, but made bank on the order =)Taking it slow for a couple weeks to get caught up with all my custom orders.

Bagged new clients: and Rami Kashou from last season's Project Runway. Still keeping busy, more pictures to come!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Baby Carrier and Original Sin.

Revamped Baby Carrier for Jane:

Ergo Before


Another After

Currently working on Scarves, Chef's Coats, alterations, and other contracts.. it's a week full of meetings and potential clients. Just need to close all these out and refresh for another week of orders. Busy bees. Also trying to get more stuff made for the Etsy Store. The End.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Roman Magic

Matching roman shades made for Cathy! Also made seat cover for small stool, it's removable with an elastic backing, and machine washable!!









Just finished doing a bunch of pillows and curtains for TV show Trading Spaces on the TLC network. Very fun, pictures available upon request =)

Currently doing stuff for Jane (crib rail covers and redesigning her baby carrier), shirts for Redline99, more stuff for Cathy, something for Sava, and making more stuff for my etsy store . Went to downtown today (Fashion District of course) and bought 10 pounds of fabric for $20... gotta love the Michael Levine Loft store!!

Got some other deals in the works, just need to repost my Craig's List ad and close out some jobs!! Business is doing really well, despite some weirdo stalking me after I canceled an appointment with him. I declined the job cuz he was being neurotic before the job even started! I told him I wasn't comfortable working with him and that he seemed like a difficult person to work with, he proceeded to BEG me to meet him and to give him a second chance... then he shows up for our canceled appointment and demands to meet with me. Almost had to call the cops =(

More drama with a seamstress I recently hired, she screwed up an order and won't answer my calls. If you ever come across a seamstress named Toi, she is not to be trusted!! So now I have to re-do it on my own, argg. It's been the best worst week ever!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More Baby Stuff

Crib Set made for Trisha at The Secret Pocket (Crib Bumpers and Coverlet Shown):




Doing more stuff for Andrew and his home, designing nursery for another mommy. Blah. Not much else but the same ol'

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kiddies and babies

Reggie's daughter in the dress I made!! Pictures without the lovely lady model =) are in my last blog!


Made with <3 for baby, little crib organizer for little hands:



Currently working on crib sets, curtains, duvet, bed spread, shams, cushions. Testing out a new seamstress to help with workload, shes got her own loft in Downtown with 3 industrial machines and 7 ft. cutting table =) Woo. Things are coming together.. we're working on a partnership so that I can contract some of my bigger jobs out to her and still be able to make money while my turnaround goes down.

Sounds like refreshing.

Otherwise, finally found someone to do the clothing line with. Her name is Natalie. We got our partnership agreement notarized and official, currently working on DBA and started sketching for the line. Keep an eye out for .635. on a clothing rack near somewhere =)

More pictures of stuff coming soon!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Para Todo

New stuff as promised...




Dress for Reggie's daughter

Pillow for Linda

Just met with this amazing chick who is going to help me start my line of clothes =) She's got all the connections and I'm providing the creative vision. Hope that works out well, I'm really excited about that!

Still sewing stuff for people, working on some crib things... cushions that are going to Alaska... handbags for this one lady... etc.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Duvet and matching pillow sham by Sin Dee... designs provided by Carla Lane Interiors:


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Stuff I did in the way back when I worked in a shop in Hesperia... they have surfaced and I thought I would share:

Pleated Drapes

Flat Roman

Soft Roman

Swags & Cascades

Things have died down a bit... whew! 'Twas quite hectic for a while. I just have a crib set to do this week for The Secret Pocket in Monrovia. And a couple other alterations/small things throughout the week.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Creation of the Roman

The making of the roman for Ellen, completed last week:




And pillow completed for Linda a week ago:


Other stuff I'm working on...
Linda - More Pillows (pics coming soon)
Chris "Rodan Vs. Griffith" - Hand Bag Samples
Tricia - Handbag Prototype
Ellen - More Roman Shades, and some Cushions
Maritza "The Kids Are Alright" - Dress Samples
Bill - Movie Prop/ Burlap Bags
Kirsten - Still pushing away on her order for Skirts/Shirts
Sybil - Recently finished Diabetes Case mods, now doing some alterations

AHHH!!! TORI!! Come back =( Still swimming in orders... I don't know how to swim!

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